What are your hours?

Sun:  5pm-1am
Wed: 5pm-1am
Thu:  5pm-1am
Fri:    5pm-3am
Sat:  3pm-3am


What is DC9’s current policy regarding COVID-19?

Effective Wednesday, July 10, 2022, concerts and events will no longer require proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Please note that due to artist requests, some concerts and events may still require proof of vaccination, or negative test results, or will have mask policies in place. These policies will be outlined on the event page on our website and communicated to ticket holders via email prior to the show. All policies are subject to changes or updates.

Please check the individual event page for exact policies and requirements. 

Do I need to wear a mask when inside?

DC9 is no longer requiring you to wear a mask to enter the club. If you feel the need to wear a mask please feel free to.

My bro and I can play some killer licks on our instruments, can we play DC9 tomorrow?

Probably not tomorrow, but maybe in the future. DC9 does not accept physical press kits, so please email us your Myspace, Facebook, Mp3s, or EPK page where we can hear some music. It’s very nice to know where you have played in DC proper, what you HONESTLY draw, and any other useful selling points about your band. DC9 books about 3 months in advance. We listen to every submission, so please allow for some time to get back to you if we are interested. DO NOT CALL THE VENUE REGARDING BOOKING.

Does DC9 have seating?

DC9 does in fact have some seating. We have bar stools and tables on the ground level of the club. Upstairs where the entertainment takes place, we really like to encourage standing, rocking, and dancing for the shows, but if you need a break or just a seat altogether, we do have some tables & stools available for shows that are not sold out.

What is DC9’s Accessibility? 

DC9 resides in a 110 year old building.

To enter the first floor there is one step up from the street; to access the music venue on the second floor there is a flight of stairs. The third floor rooftop is up an additional flight of stairs. Bathrooms are located on the first and second floor; the second floor stalls are narrow and can be difficult for wheelchairs to navigate. Staff are available to assist with ascending stairs and provide reserved stools for seating whenever requested.

We will do everything within our ability reasonably accommodate patrons however possible — if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us info@dc9.club or call at 202-483-5000.

How are tickets sold at DC9? Are the tickets for reserved seating?

Tickets for DC9 are available on our website or by clicking BUY TICKETS.  We do not sell “reserved seats” tickets.

You can buy tickets in advance at the club

(For purchasing tickets at the club, please go to the first floor bar and let the bartender know you would like to buy a ticket.  You may purchase tickets anytime the club is open.) There is a $1/ticket service fee added.  All tickets at DC9 are standing room only. No reserved seating

Can you scan tickets that are on my phone?

We can scan tickets that you print out or that you can pull up on your phone.  Sometimes images of a ticket are less quality and don’t scan.  It is best to use the original PDF.

If a show is cancelled, where do I get a refund?

If a show is cancelled, refunds are available at point of purchase. You will be refunded automatically if you purchased a ticket through Eventbrite.  Please note times and openers are always subject to change.   If you paid cash for an advance ticket you will need to come to the club to get a refund.

What are my payment options in the venue?

DC9 accepts most major credit cards at the bar, but we really like good old fashioned cash as well. If buying tickets day of show, cash is the only method of payment. An ATM machine is on-site if needed.  If you do not have cash, you can purchase at ticket at the first floor bar (see above for “buying tickets in advance at the club”)

Do you serve alcohol at DC9 Nightclub?

Yes. We have three full bars that serve plenty of spirits to quench your thirst.

Do you allow smoking at DC9?

DC Law States NO SMOKING indoors.
We do have an outdoor area that we allow smoking.

Does DC9 serve food?

We do in fact sell a grand selection of food to cure your hunger at the venue. Please click on the food menu to see what we have.

How old do I have to be to get into the club?

DC9 is a 21 and over established, but we do have A LOT of ALL AGES shows. The age restriction will be noted if the show allows under 21 patrons. Our professional and experienced door staff will identify your age and mark your hand accordingly.

Do you accept expired Ids, college Ids, or gym cards?

All forms of ID at DC9 must be a non-expired, legal, government issued form of ID. That means license, military ID, state ID, or passport. Foreign drivers licenses will NOT be accepted.

When does so and so play, and what time?

We usually announce the set times day of show. They will appear on the website. Sometimes the show runs a little later then scheduled, but we always try our best to get you home at reasonable time. Regardless, we appreciate your patience if things run a little behind.

Do you have a dress code or coat check?

No to both. Dress to stay warm or dress to stay comfortable is our only suggestion.

Where do I park or is there a Metro close by?

Please visit directions on the website.

Is DC9 available for my huge, private event?

Yes indeed. Please email rentals@dc9.club for rates and information.